Monday, September 11, 2006

So this weekend I attended the single best musical performance I have ever seen. And I have seen David Bowie, Tool, Filter, Rasputina, Moby and Blue Man Group. I'm sure that sentence is loaded enough to piss off somebody I know. I even constructed, not so much a blog, as a short story about the experience, but alas, it is on my other laptop, which I left at home, where there is no internet yet, so that essay will be up tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have something to share with my readers. One is the coolest wristwatch I've ever seen. It's a "what if" type thing. Particularly "what if they made a digital watch before they had the technology to really do so?" Aside from making a "Krusty" brand battery, I have no idea how to construct this behemoth. But it is awesome. Ironically this link was ripped off a Wired News article about blogging, and even mentions the stealing of links. Heh. Good article too.


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