Friday, September 01, 2006

Since I don’t have much to comment on this week, I thought I’d offer all of you an invite into my personal website habits. Yes, you should feel honoured, almost as though you are viewing the blog of someone you don’t know. Click on the images to be taken to the site.

Etiquette Grrls are cute, witty and helpful. They've published a number of book and ought to be regarded as the Emily Posts of modern times. Whether you're planning a dinner party or need to know how to word a thank you letter, check out the Q&A section for solid, sound advice. (note: Q&A is no longer updated).

Facehunter is so cool . . . basically they go to parties and the like with a camera and take pictures of people who are well-dressed. Some of these are kind of "eh" but it's nice to see fashion being sported by the more regular. Plus all of these pics come from Europe, so you can totally copy the style of a total stranger and nobody will even notice. Werd.

And now for the webcomics

I wouldn't say that most of my web time is spent looking at webcomics since they're quick reading, but they easily make up the majority of links I do visit. Here are my favourites.

Married to the Sea is my favourite comic of all-time, albeit a new addition to my comic repertoire. Basically it's like that (above)--old timey pictures with anachronistic commentaries. I love it. With all my heart and soul.

From the creators of Married to the Sea comes Toothpaste for Dinner. TfD is an acquired taste, but delicious and wonderful once you get used to it. Like beer, from what I understand. Office people will like this best.

Red Meat is the webcomic I've been following for the longest. Basically since I got the internet back in '98. You know, when the most current version of Windows was also the most effective. Fuckin' xp. Oh, and if memory serves, I offended a number of Christians on my floor freshman year of college by posting that very comic on my door and was asked to take it down. I'd like to believe I'm no longer that hateful, but that would be a lie; I'm just not that openly hateful any more.

Irregular Webcomic is a new one for me. I foresee myself looking past the comics I don't quite get being one of those "not quite a geek" (i.e. don't care about Star Wars, Star Trek, Magic the Gathering, D&D, etc.) to find some of the real gems in here. Plus I think it's super creative.

So that's that. I guess even though these websites don't care that I exist, I love and cherish them and wanted to share the love.


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