Monday, September 18, 2006

Magic Potion for Ad Creativity

Alright, so some "certified witch" (Certified by whom? The FDA?) has reportedly created a potion for Creativity that was commissioned by ihaveanidea in order to "enhance the creative abilities of advertising professionals around the world."

First of all, this was not commissioned by anybody. It's a generic Creativity spell or potion or whatever that they're recommending for advertising people for no reason except that they are advertising people in dire need of creativity. Case and point: my assumption is that Miss Reiss had this spell and the ihaveanidea people had--well--an idea. They'd market it as advertising creativity. Interesting loop, eh? All in all not that clever, guys.

So the whole premise is bunk. Furthermore, on the chat line for all this some ignorant asshole commented that this "is a blantant offense to anyone who is Jewish, Muslin, or christian." First off, how is this offensive? Either you're dumb enough to pay for the crap or you aren't. This is not the devil tempting you--it's not even free! Furthermore, if you find this offensive, how do you think people who are offended by Christianity feel when you tell them you're going to pray for them? That's the equivalent of a witch putting a hex on you because when you pray for me, I have no control over what you're praying. What if I think that is cause for me to spend eternity in torture?

I'd also like to answer to this guy's choice of religions to mention. Like no other religion matters. And you know what? Ten years ago, Muslim wouldn't even be on that list because we weren't paying very much attention to them back then. Argh. *breathe in, breathe out* Okay, I'm calmer now. All I'm saying is that this isn't about religion any more than a rabbit's foot is. Also, I think that people will be turning to this more as a cute little gift item than a wicked spell from the bowels of a witch's black cauldron.

Although, now that I think about it, it's a super cute way to capitalize on Halloween. Yay Halloween!


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