Friday, August 11, 2006

This is Boston, time of arrival: 6:15am. I’d have a picture of Rochester (my place of departure), but it wasn’t light out when I left.

And this is beautiful Rowes Wharf, (just off Purchase St), which incidentally is what I get to see every time I need to step outside for a bit. It’s a nice reprieve from being in what is essentially a cave. And apparently the sun rises over the bay in addition. It’s beautiful, even in the haze.

And this is me checking out Rowes Wharf as I wait for the facility to open. I like how it doesn’t show my face so my complete lack of photogenicity goes unnoticed. This is my answer to Dan’s assertion that there was a shortage of StephL in my photoblogs. Take that, Dano.

Ah, it’s Ole Bessie. I always know I’m in Boston when I see that glorious white cow. Well, actually, I always know I’m GOING to be in Boston when I wake up at 4:30am to get there. At any rate, what you can’t quite make out here is that ole’ Bessie is actually standing in a white clapboard rowboat that says “Cowtucket.” The New England cow thing has been popularized by such things as “Cow Hampshire,” Bart Simpson saying “Don’t have a cow” and my aunt from Maine (pronounced “Ant Pat”) who has an extensive collection of ceramic and glass cow statuettes. Plus, what you probably can’t see in the picture is that there’s an etching of Nantucket-themed stuff like a lighthouse, a life ring buoy and of course, the Atlantic Ocean on the side of Bessie. Yessir, Bessie is a notable fixture at Boston’s Rowes Wharf.

This is the fruit platter at Focus on Boston. Much more colourful and fresher than the last one. I still didn’t eat any.

Alacrity, what a great name for a boat. The definition, for those less informed (admittedly, I had to double check with is “A cheerful or eager readiness or willingness, often manifested by brisk, lively action or promptness in response.” What a happy and delightful description of a boat! These are not people interested in showing off their wealth. They want to live! They want to embrace life! They want to be alacritous! The irony, of course, is the boat sitting unmanned. Maybe it’s sarcasm, who knows?

And this is me, in complete business cas regalia. You don’t want to mess with me. I look like your junior high’s librarian, or maybe a principal. I will literally bite your head off if you mess up that card catalog. I will eat you for lunch in dainty bites. Note that this was taken shortly before my breakdown around 3:30. Remember, I’ve been up 11 hours, and I’m running on coffee, little sleep and long ass days. I manage to hide the fact that I was nearly passing out by hiding out in the bathroom for a few minutes. Oh, and makeup is good for hiding baggy eyes. Hence, lots and lots of re-applied makeup.

And lastly, this old codger at the facility said something rather kind to me. I’m pretty sure he was just buttering me up (as a frame of reference, I am the slave driver and they are the bottom feeders) but in discussing my degree and what I actually do he commented that with a quantitative background and being trained and capable of qualitative studies, I’m really going to rule the world. I resisted the temptation to say “yes, I know that,” opting instead for a warm “thank you.” But the masses are learning, slowly, one by one. One day StephL will rule the world. Now accepting minions.


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