Thursday, August 17, 2006

I found it odd to be amateur designer of a website some years back for a company that purported to specialize in XML, since I would assume that knowing a "real" programming language would make it silly to even think of hiring someone to do a really basic website. Whatever the case, the guy paid me the first half of the price, (which was in all a modest $300), then didn't want to invest in any money into actually getting images that were legal, and then didn't pay for the other half. Which was just as well since it was more of a hobby anyway, but I'd have liked to put it on my resume.

So as it turns out, this guy finally got someone to make a webpage for him. Now I am not, and never have been, terribly artistic, but I promise you that my format was extremely similar except cleaner and looking less like it was made in 1995. Oh, what the hell, let's list a few immediate problems with this site that my design sidestepped:

  • The fact that you have to scroll sideways is a major faux pas. If the programmer had just fitted it in percentages (or the standard 800x600 format) this annoyance could have been avoided altogether.

  • The lack of professional images makes this look like a website for a grammar school that was last updated long ago . . .

  • The colours . . . ick! They don't even go together.

  • The main page is not at a nice neat /index.html, no sir, it is The main page!

  • Judging from the awful messiness that is the source code (you can see what I mean by right clicking on that page and selecting "View Source") indicates that this was created in FrontPage. FrontPage blows because if you know how to make something, it's easier to program the html directly than use FP. If you don't know HTML, this makes it look like crap (case and point).

  • Let me reiterate one last time that this is the same exact format I came up with, except mine was cleaner! I don't know if he didn't have another $150 to waste on me or what, and I wish I still had that up on my pubpages because you can at least tell that it's not total crap.

  • The site doesn't have any forms. I don't care what anyone says, a form always makes it look more professional. My version of the site had a form. And it worked too.

So I can't decide from time to time if I really am a webgeek, but when I start critiquing websites like this I can't help but think I am. I guess it's that I care about stupid crap that nobody else does, but it's not like I know java or flash or anything so I feel like a poseur if I say I am a webgeek. Yeah, you read that right. I'm worried about being a poseur geek. *Sigh* will I never find my people?


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