Monday, August 07, 2006

As much as I love Myspace as a networking opportunity, the blogging capabilities there are . . . lacking. I invested a good deal of time learning html and I'll be damned if I can't align an image, [editor's note: this is actually the only real problem I had with Myspace blogging, besides the fact that my links almost always got eaten up by their user-friendly format]. This, coupled with the extremely limited audience the service provided, has led me here in an attempt to tell the internet everything I have to say.

I will be updating both blogs with current postings until I get tired of one or the other. I may even transfer some older stuff just to give this place some substance as I get started. Until then, feel free to browse my previous ramblings at

More to come later today as I embark upon my second journey to Philadelphia.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like blogspot.

its the blog of choice for postsecret and i must say, im an addict.


2:30 AM  

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